Q: What types of medical equipment do you service?

A: X-Tronix Engineers are trained to service almost everything, including equipment manufactured by the largest corporations in the industry, this includes imaging and biomedical equipment. You can enter a service call on our website by clicking here. For more information on installing a new system please give us a call at 866-822-9005.

Q: Can I purchase new as well as used equipment through X-Tronix?

A: X-Tronix sells both new and pre-owned equipment. Whatever your budget, we can work with you to find what you need and what you can afford.

Q: How do I set up a service call with X-Tronix?

A: You can enter a service call on our website by clicking on our “Contact Us” link or by giving us a call at 866-822-9005.

Q: Do I have to have a contract with X-Tronix to get service or equipment?

A: No, X-Tronix does not require a contract to work at any facility or on any piece of equipment, nor does X-Tronix require a contract to sell you new or pre-owned equipment.

Q: I have a problem no one else has been able to help me with, why should I call X-Tronix?

A: X-Tronix Engineers have years of experience and training. They’ve seen it all and can work through your most difficult mechanical problems quickly to stop loss of revenue. They understand what clients go through and have proven themselves as adept trouble shooters.

Q: I oversee a large medical facility, how do I know this isn’t just a couple guys with screw drivers?

A: X-Tronix Engineers come from varied backgrounds all experienced in working at large medical facilities as well as small practices. We also work with colleagues in international markets. As shown in our testimonials section, X-Tronix has been most successful in large facilities, fixing equipment, installing new equipment and performing preventative maintenance.

Q: All of the states are now requiring an ongoing quality assurance program and I just found out I need to adopt a quality assurance program for my imaging equipment, what do I do?

A: X-Tronix can help you. We have a quality assurance program that meets all state and federal requirements.

Q: An OEM (original equipment manufacturer) told me that they are the only company that can service their equipment, is this true?

A: No, X-Tronix is trained to maintain ALL equipment AT OEM standards but at a better price. Our engineers often have more knowledge about the equipment than the OEM engineer sent to your facility.

Q: How long will it take an X-Tronix Engineer to show up once I place a service call?

A: Our goal at X-Tronix is to have a service engineer respond to your call in less than 20 minutes. We then try to have an engineer on-site within 2 hours or less depending upon location.

Q: How competitive is X-Tronix pricing?

A: At X-Tronix we strive to save our customers the most possible without compromising quality. It is not uncommon for X-Tronix prices to be at least 50% less than the OEM’s.

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